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What to Do When You Experience the Loss of a Pet

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Any pet lover or fellow pet owner either knows or can sympathize with how hard it is to experience the loss of a pet. Whether your pet is old, has been sick, or just passes away without warning, the loss of a pet can be shocking and devastating. It can be hard to know what to do or how to act, but there are a few things that you should make sure to do when a pet passes away.

What to Do When You Experience the Loss of a Pet

  • Confirm the passing: There are plenty of cases of pets appearing to be deceased, when they are in fact only sleeping. If your pet is still alive, but slowing down, make sure your pet is comfortable and in a quiet and peaceful area.
  • Place a towel: When your pet passes away, be sure to place a towel around them, especially around their tail end and mouth. There are a few natural body processes that occur, including the release of bodily fluids.
  • Allow other pets to say goodbye: It can be just as hard and even more confusing for your other pets if they can’t say goodbye to the one who has passed. By allowing your other pets to smell their friend, they can better understand what has happened and why their friend won’t return.
  • Think about next steps: Take your time to grieve the loss of a pet. If you’re alone, call a family member or friend to be with you. Then, as soon as you can (though this should be sooner rather than later), decide how you would like to lay your pet to rest.

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