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Is Pet Aquamation Right for You?

Losing a pet is hard. Pet owners from all around the world find joy from the companionship of their pets and often create a special bond with them. This connection makes it especially hard to say goodbye to your beloved pet, and it makes sense that you would want a gentle way to lay them to rest. Traditionally, most people will have their pets buried or cremated. While these can be good options, those aren’t the only choices when it comes to your pet’s funeral. Pet aquamation is another option that is gentle and eco-friendly and might just be the best choice for you and your pet.

Is Pet Aquamation Right for You?

Pet aquamation is another name for the process of alkaline hydrolysis. The short definition of this process is that the natural decomposition that would’ve happened for a buried pet is sped up. Though this may sound similar to a cremation, aquamation is very different. It’s true that both processes result with storing your pet’s remains in an urn or another special container, but aquamation actually retains more of your pet’s remains. Unlike cremation, which works by exposing the animal to intense heat and flame, aquamation works by using water and alkali to essentially “cremate” the body.

If you’re looking for a safe, compassionate, gentle, and environmentally safe way to say goodbye to your pet, then pet aquamation will likely be a good choice. Your pet’s body will be placed in an individual stainless-steel container to be decomposed gently by alkaline hydrolysis and then will be given to you to memorialize your pet.

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